Spring Cleaning Tips for the First Day of Spring

Celebrate the first day of spring with a little spring cleaning in your home or office. Sandra Felton, author of The Quick Guide to Home Organizing (Revell), says in her YouTube videos that clear surfaces give a sense of satisfaction as well as free up the mind. In her videos, The Organizer Lady offers these tips on how to tackle clutter and organize your space.

1. Mentally divide the area that you want to clear into four manageable parts. This is a technique that Felton and previous co-author Marsha Sims call the Quadrant Method.

2. Sort and clear clutter using three boxes labeled “Yes,” “No”, and “Maybe.” Keeper items go in the Yes Box, throw-away items in the No Box and stow items you’re not sure about in the Maybe Box. After you’ve had some time to think about it, clear the Maybe Box by repeating the three-box system.

3. Organize and store your keeper items by grouping like things together in a container and labeling them.

Sandra Felton, The Organizer Lady®, is a pioneer in the field of organizing. She is the founder and president of Messies Anonymous, and the author or coauthor of many books, including Organizing Your Day and Smart Office Organizing. Get tips on how to maximize your closet, set up a home office and more through her YouTube channel or in her new book The Quick Guide to Home Organizing.